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The location worries me.

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Speaking as the promoter of the grand opening on new years as well as several regular monthly events that will be coming up at Crucible, I can tell you that security and safety in and around the building is something that the owners and staff take extremely seriously. The parking areas are well lit and monitored by cameras and security personal during hours, and the level of warmth and friendliness while maintaining extreme professionalism that I saw from every single person working security during the soft-opening events this past weekend as well as the grand opening on NYE was some of the best I have seen anywhere in my 19 years of throwing events in different cities.

This piece of human trash was driving around with the same stickers and a fake delivery driver ad complete with phone number as of 48 hours ago. The number has since been disconnected, but for a day anyone contacting that number to let a "restaurant" know what their delivery driver was advertising next to their business name was resulting in a call back and an earful of nazi propaganda and not-so-veiled threats of violence. Police are aware, but "no laws have been broken" since the restaurant being falsely advertised has chosen to not pursue the issue.

hea neat, it's our party!

And yes, The Crucible is owned by a pair of gentlemen who were regulars at Inferno for damn near it's entire 19 year run and are actively seeking to create an environment to fill the void in our local and regional dark/nerdy/wierdo community left by Inferno's closure. A very significant portion of the promoters, myself included, were also promoters and performers at Inferno and you can expect to see very similar events dominating The Crucible's event calendar.

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