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What this guide is for

This guide covers the process for repeatedly getting Citi AA cards. This includes the process, information and limits to know about signing up, and what to do once you have a stack of these cards.

The technique for getting multiple Citi AA cards

Citi has a restriction on most of their card applications which states that if you’ve opened or closed a card in that product family in the last 24 months you cannot get a bonus for a card in that family. If someone opened a card with an AA bonus in the last year, for example, they can’t apply for a new one using an application that has this restriction.

Most (all?) of Citi’s public applications contain this 24 month restriction, essentially limiting people to one card every 24 months. However, Citi sends out mailers for the personal and business versions of the AA Platinum card that do not have such a restriction. As such, it is possible to get these cards even if one has opened or closed one in the last 24 months. People have gotten 2, 3, even 10+ cards in a relatively short amount of time by using non-restricted-mailers over and over. This is often referred to as the "grAAvy train."

About mailers

There are two types of mailers.

Some have a 12 digit code; these can only be used by the recipient.

Other have a 9 digit code; these mailers are addressed to certain people but can be used by someone other than the recipient. As of October 2018, it seems personal mailers can only be used once. Once someone submits an application the code doesn't work anymore. A business mailer can be used by multiple people as long as the recipient doesn’t use it. There are DPs of dozens of people using a single mailer. As of March 2019, business mailers are also one-time-use.


Survivor is still on air!

Currently Season 38 is airing. The theme is "Edge of Extinction". The season was filmed in Fiji last year and airs on Wednesdays at 8PM on CBS.

Check out /r/Survivor for all your Survivor-discussion needs!

Episodes can be watched here:


I started a new account last year and lost 2 (or 3?) badges. I miss them dearly :(

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Send the mod team a message via modmail. We can possibly fix that depending on whether you can prove that was your account. We've done that for others that start a new account.

1 point · 1 day ago


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Heads up, I see your badge is set properly but I'm not seeing it or your flair showing on the page. Most likely you've turned off your flair's visibility. To fix, look on the sidebar for a checkbox with label: "Show my flair on this subreddit. It looks like:"

Once you turn that on, your flair and badge will be visible.

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2 points · 3 days ago

Interesting that the two lowest winner picks were the two people that quit EoE.

Also, when filling out our winner picks we had to say if we were spoiled or there something that says how many of the people that chose Chris were spoiled or not?

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We don't publish the spoiled vs non-spoiled numbers.

Without specific numbers, I will say that for the last few seasons (including this one) they have been low/inconsequential.

Question for S39: Will Sandra and Boston Rob have special flairs? Redmond confirmed on Sucks that they won't enter the game as players, but they're still a (weird) part of the season. Will they get like "Coach Sandra" or something like that?

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TBD. Honestly haven’t even thought about it.

We’ll discuss closer to season.

4 points · 18 days ago

I also have the Symphonia (I'm pretty sure I also had the exact same first glider, fellow Jerome graduate here). I have about 70 hours on mine so I have a pretty good handle on it now. Pretty much everything u/Takeiitaway says is spot on. I'll add that it is a very, very active A glider. It may just be my particular set up, I have my harness chest strap pretty much all the way open, but it moves around a lot. Way more than the Element. Other pilots I've met with the Symphonia do not seem to have their glider move around as much when I watch them fly. I've had a few really big collapses, but they always popped right back out. With good active piloting though it is very manageable. I recently picked up Phi's Maestro as well and they honestly feel pretty similar, with the Symphonia being a bit more mellow and less energy. I have yet to fly the Maestro much yet though so those are just very preliminary observations. I only decided to upgrade because the deal I was offered was way too good to pass up. I don't feel the Symphonia is holding me back in any way.

Performance wise, it's killer. I have the advantage over many newer pilots that I used to fly sailplanes so I had a head start on the thermalling aspects, but I routinely out fly other pilots on Bs and sometimes Cs. The only place I feel limited is the very top end speed on glide into the wind. The Symphonia is very capable for an A and I've done some easy XC flights on it. My instructor had the Phi Tenor for a while and I've done a few multi hour flights with him and had no real noticeable difference other than on transitions into the wind. He would arrive slightly higher than I would, which is to be expected.

On the comment comparing it to the Ion, I'd agree. My buddy who learned at the same time as I did got the Ion 5 and his wing is a bit more mellow, but I'd say very similar performance. Our real performance differences have always boiled down to luck or decision making on that particular flight.

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Do you think the Symphonia would be a good first wing? I'm deciding whether to go used or spring for a new glider for my first wing.

Do you mind sharing how much you got yours for?

Moderator of u/aksurvivorfan, speaking officially+ Original PosterScore hidden · 3 days ago · Stickied commentposts locked

Thread #2 as first one got archived and can't be commented in.

Posting this as a stickied comment since OP text doesn't show in a removed post. Keeping this removed for less visibility, but those who have the link can access.

There are phone numbers that people can call to get a 100k/10k offer for Amex Biz Plat. Multiple numbers as there are multiple Amex reps.

Some people have expressed concern about calling a random number and sharing personal information. That's a legitimate concern! I've set up this thread so that people who have used a number can vouch for the contact to hopefully allay some of those concerns for potential applicants.

I won't post the numbers publicly, but feel free to message me for what's working. If you want to verify that the commenters here used the same number as what I sent you (assuming a rep's number doesn't change...), you can message them to check.

Instructions for those who have gotten the offer:

  • Please post the approximate date you were approved

  • Don't post any identifiable information

  • Be prepared to answer a message from someone, asking if the number I provided them is the number you used. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, don't vouch here.

Please don't leave comments in reply to this comment. Leave your vouching comments as top-level comments on the post itself.

2013-2015 - cool wheels and removable antenna

2016-2017 - directional wheels and shark fin

2018+ kinda obvious with the whole redesign

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There was difference in wheels in the first gen?



Slight difference but still noticeable.

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Yeah, I’m going to do my best to act just like the big cattle lenders so she can get the full experience. May even send emails to her saying she pre-qualified for a chuck’s ranch preferred cow, then deny her and make her call in to explain why having the second cow is necessary for her ;) that way she learns the difference between being pre-approved for a new cow and being pre-qualified, and will learn about what makes having two cows more beneficial than just having one high capacity cow.

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Wow. There needs to be a parody subreddit where all discussions are done like above. This thread was hilarious!

13 points · 3 months ago

This year I'm letting Reddit to decide my winner pick :D

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[Post-season comment]

So close!

These "silver" and "gold" flairs - what are they? People who had a previous "gold" flair before the season started?

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See the Flair FAQ for explanation of different colors.

I picked Chris pre game for some reason - when do I get my gold flair

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Gold flairs are different from winner picks.

I don't see a flair for you so you won't have a winner flair (which are gold flairs of winners, that convert to a special color).

I do see your pre-season pick for Chris so you'll get a badge. We hope to have those live in the next few days.

You can read more about flairs vs badges here.

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