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I just found out that you can get different items, fruits and even costumes from truesight. What are the best spots that you guys discovered? Or is there a guide where I can check the loots on every location??

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There's a detailed truesight coordinate guide to help you, updated in our discord so come check it out! You can find the link in our pinned post~ Have a great day!

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I chose the paladin path as my main but I have no clue if I should build it with pure def/hp. In other games (i.e. ROM), pure def works just fine. Will there be a time when tanks would be useful here??


You can have 2 skill builds and switch them around. You can have one for tanking and one for farming.

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How about the items? Is it okay to choose def stats instead of atk stats when it comes to cards etc.?

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I always thought it was "Konishingsweng" but then my friend tells me its "Punishing Swing". 😂


I was planning to first take a wizard for farming and leveling and change to priest later in the game. Is class change already a feature upon releasing of the game here in SEA?

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Have you ever get vals or refuned materials? And which map and difficulty are you farming.

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I actually got epic vals on the second to last normal map. Few gold and silcer cards too.

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