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Have a listen as the facts are conveyed on the Views and Facts Podcast. Episode 64


I think whatever was in the Patterson-Gimlin film is real. But 99% of stuff in the "Bigfoot" world is fake/hoaxed.

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Nonetheless if I had to point to one piece of evidence where I would say it could be real, would be the aforementioned film

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We talked about the film in the episode, most likely a person in a "costume".

I am a LV local and attended back in Nov of 2018. I share my thoughts on the experience at (or iTunes, Spotify, Etc) Episode 51.


If you are going to Comic-Con for the first time and curious about what to expect, I interviewed a couple who has attended the past couple of years. I have never been to the convention and found it interesting when speaking with them. The interview can be heard at (or iTunes, Spotify, etc) and is episode 45.


Palomino Gentlemen's Club! It is the only full nude and full alcoholic club in town.

If you would like package details/prices or contact info to schedule a pick up/drop off, let me know and I will send it.

What do you bring that the dozen plus other firearms podcasts don't?

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The show was born out of frustration for personalities/news/media passing conjecture off as facts. The podcast isn't just about firearms [with the exception of the episodes mentioned and episode 52 (where Rep swallowswell wants to nuke Americans who don't turn over firearms)] it covers a wide swath of society and culture.

Seeking information on topics can be challenging at times so I brought information directly to the table in this subreddit. You may like it, you may hate it.

The Podcast provides factual commentary and most likely will amuse and agitate.

EDIT Views on the show are stated as such and factual commentary is backed by references, links, etc and I urge every listener to research for themselves and to even question what I state.

Recently released an episode about Wilt Chamberlain being with 20,000 women... Episode 71

Lotus of Siam//Oyshi Sushi//Hofbrauhaus//Carson Kitchen//Therapy

This was basically the food itinerary of my last trip! Add in the Oyster Bar at Palace Station =)

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We probably crossed paths. Local here and I am at usually at one of these places weekly. The Oyster Bar is good; though I am usually only eating there if I am gambling at one of the station casinos.

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