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There's this chick on CNN that I have to change the channel when I see because her S turn into this high-pitched Whistling noise or like a snake smelling the air. I have misophonia, I can't stand to hear people chew, but I've never understood this. Any of the s in the statement I've just made or even the C in CNN can be applied. It drives me insane and I feel like maybe some people do it because they have to because of their mouth but I feel like a lot of people do it on purpose and it drives me insane. What's the deal? Is that on purpose or is that just how you learn to talk or is it a speech impediment?


Speech impediment refers to any issue inhibiting 'proper' speech or pronunciation. The list of things, including this, that speech impediments include is huge.

Edit: since you ask if it's on purpose the answer is literally no one knows but them. Why would someone do that on purpose?

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Okay but that doesn't answer my question.

I learned how to do it on purpose to do a better Herbert the Pervert(family guy) impersonation, and now I’ll do it on accident sometimes when talking.

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Haha I can appreciate that. Herbert is funny. It's when I'm trying to watch news absorb the info given to me and all I can focus on is this high-pitched Whistling noise instead of whatever info is being given to me.

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