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Americans: The only slaves who think they're free!

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I’ll have you know, I’m very aware of my slave status tyvm! 😭😭😭

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I’m not degrading myself that’s for sure, I’m degrading the shitshow country I was born in. :)


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Utilize experienced members with cross training, if you’re not sure of what to do.

Make sure the print supervisor trained you in tier 1 and 2, that’s part of their job.

Put their print orders together in gmillenia if the order is over 50 b/w or color copies, or it’s a instruction intensive product, as it gives proper pricing and avoids things like “well I was only charged $X.XX last time”

Don’t be afraid to call other stores if you’re not sure how to do a job.

Don’t be afraid to tell a customer if you’re unaware of how to do their order (some have the strangest requests I’ve ever heard)

If unaware of how to do something nine times out of ten you can find it in the store portal with step by step instructions.

If you take a job in, make sure to write an in progress form/put it in the book for the day it is due.

If someone wants you to design something, tell them you can send it to our graphic design team for only $X.XX (see POS for pricing.)

Remember that handplacing something on the glass top for scans are more than putting it through the hand feeder.

People will flip out if they stop store using coffee supplies at my store. We all live for the coffee.

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Manager > Services Manager > Customer Engagement Manager > OPS > Print Sup > Part timers

Why not just copy and paste it on the holiday letter template that’s in the store portal?

If it’s a physical copy, than never mind. However it’s an idea.

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