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I’ve tried using a stain remover and it didn’t work. Can I use bleach? I ask because the t shirt is also printed (not dyed) here’s a picture of The design. Thanks moms!!!!

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$CRIM kills it as always, ruby was the weaker link in this one imo.

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shouldnt be getting downvoted i agree with ya

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also couldnt get it. but shout out to my auckland bros good marketing

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I think this is what you're looking for.

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I did

never heard this until now and im an instant fan of the artist

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151 rum by J.I.D

hook sounds like this

Been on an anime sampling tip, let me know how you feel about this (technically not anime because it's a K-Pop song).

negative feedbacks and criticism if you can, thanks.

Returning feedback!

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mixed pretty well. good stereo seperation also but idk how i feel with snares being on the L and R. 808 and kick sounds dope af. nice sparkly end to it also

heres mine. its a sadboi beat which i usally dont make and isnt mixed yet but id love for you to be negative af. f0llow me if u wanna work!

not mixed yet but pls be negative

will return

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