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You can still message or add the opposing players after the game!

I don't know what you guys are talking about, My PC is a 1070 and it looks amazing!

I retract my statement.. I just re-watched the trailer.

I want one in each colour. that is amazing!


At least playing fallout on Valentines day I can become wanted by someone..

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Wow! this was my first ever post on Reddit! Thanks for all the upvotes I loved reading all the comments, hope everyone had a good valentines day! Does this mean i'm no longer a lurker!?

I opened this post up not expecting what it was actually going to be!! That made me laugh so hard! Cheers to you sir!🍻

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Thank you! Cheers!

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I cant wait for this to be a more common reality! I just bought my HTC vive, cant wait to try it out!

I am not claiming anything - just pointing out there is no proof to all these people claiming the HOTS team didn't know about HGC being canceled at the last minute.

People claim stuff, then when I call the out on it asking for proof, they say "it's just my theory".

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Exactly. Not a single post with any other information other than what we all saw with the above article. Sure it sucks that they are moving employees and if people really did get fired without knowing that would be absolutely terrible. The thing is Heroes has been around for 3 years with monthly consistent drops, obviously the game will slow down eventually or suffer from boring content just so they can meet the quota. I mean hopefully everyone here is wrong and Blizzard isn't giving up on their old values just to make money, heres hoping the "moved" employees are going to help create Diablo 4 or something else new and exciting.

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