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i think that the 2009 version counts as all of the pre microsoft versions (the better one) and the other one is the microsoft ones


Hey guys does anybody know if there is a way I can up the redline on an 86 mr2?


Head work first, megasquirt second.

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There's a reason the 4age doesn't rev higher from the factory. Revving higher doesn't mean more power. In fact, the 4age horsepower curve drops pretty drastically close to redline. You'd need a cam to flow more air at high rpm, and valve springs to prevent valve float. That's the minimum. Then to raise redline, you replace the factory ECU with a megasquirt. If you're looking to do this on a budget, don't.

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Oh ok thank you

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Hi I’m interested in buying an mr2. I really like AW11s but I open to suggestions. Thanks


Are you looking for advice on how to search/ inpsect/choose?

Or are you asking if anyone is selling?

Or other.

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I’m asking which generation is the best in everyone’s opinion.

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