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Hey guys! First time poster but just thought I'd hit up my fellow nighters. It's been a chill tonight so far (knock on wood) and now just counting the hours. Only about 7 more to go...


It's been a rough time this past couple of years. I've dated but haven't found someone to call mine. Most everyone that I've seen has wanted something casual but I want more. Someone to call my own and know is there for me. I work the overnight shift so it gets hard to find someone who understands my day cycle and also makes it hard to get out and meet new people. Even a friend that works similar hours would be nice...


If you ever need someone to talk to you can message me. 30yoF in the Midwest

Poor baby! Iowa cold is a hell of a thing! Especially what we experienced this week!!


I'm 31 years old, I have a minimum paying job, I've been struggling to go back to school (mentally and financially), single, no kids, a handful of acquaintances I call friends, and I'm starting to think I'm becoming an alcoholic... I just keep thinking to myself that maybe it's time to just shut the blinds, lock the door, turn off my phone and just lay in bed til I never wake up...

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So this is my first time posting on here. Through reading the many posts I have found the courage to speak to strangers about what I can't say to people who should know me.

When I was in high school I would journal all the time, but there was two main ideas that I had when it came to looking at my future. The first was that I would never be married or be the person who would have kids. The second was a sick promise I made to myself that if I couldn't figure out how to be happy by the age of 30 I would find a way to call it quits. This is the very first time I've ever said that self promise 'out loud'. And this is the year that I am 30.

I turned 30 back in October. And I cried my birthday night. Because the first idea had really come true. I'm not married or with someone. No kids. Still haven't finished college. Going on the third year of being in my parents basement. Struggling pay check to pay check. No best friend. No hobbies or passions. Just existing and drinking. And then the second promise, which had been gnawing constantly at me the whole previous year slapped me across the face when the clock hit midnight.

The next day as I lay in bed, numb to my whole core, I did what any self loathing person does. I got on Craigslist and started looking for someone else's acceptance and acknowledgement.

So here I am, 6 months into the year and still alone, unhappy, and entirely depressed to the depths of me. I moved out of the basement but that's not saying much. In fact I think it almost makes it worse because at least living with my parents I had to try.

I just don't know anymore... I mean a promise is a promise...


You’ll ended up running away from me like everyone else.

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You don't know that. And you don't know me well enough to make that claim. I might have long pauses because I'm at work but I am here if you want to talk

Please talk to me

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We can always pm if you want to talk

I read your post and I wish I could say something inspiring for you but the truth is I'm having the same thoughts. I really do wish the best for you and want you to know that even if I don't know you, I'm still in your corner. Here to talk if you need it

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I see a lot of these and I want to say something inspiring too but I know I can't. I mean I can, I tell my soldiers inspiring things on a daily basis but it's all fake. In the real world I have to fake it because I need to, I want to end it but I can't. I know that because I can't I need to make this life decent and not fuck it up even more.

Online where there are no expecations of me it feels wrong to lie to someone, especially someone with my thoughts because I have them. I can't help myself, how am I supposed to help them. I want to help them but I don't know if the blind leading the blind is the best idea.

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It really is the blind leading the blind cause if I do say something inspiring I don't really feel it to be true. I give advice to acquaintances and try to help them feel better when their down but it always feels like I'm just spewing shit out just to fill the space. I truly want them to feel better, as I do you, but it's hard to help when I can't even feel period.

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