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Apologies for the title.. I guess that it's more of a ground-pinch

yeah, but their biggest weakness by far has been OL and they have yet to address it in the draft. That worries me

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Kyler noooooooooo :(

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Thanks, would appreciate the info, my one concern is trusting internet strangers with my belongings. How do I know who to trust? How do I avoid getting mugged.

I'm not down with sharing any passwords or private information

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Nah you don’t share any of that with them. Middlemen have reputations of being trustworthy, and some of them probably do a dozen item transfers, a day.

You’ll just use the call command (!call mm), they’ll respond by asking what you need help with. Then you’ll message them what gamertag you’re transferring items from, how many items, and what gamertag you’re transferring them to.

I literally just did this with two of my alts last week, and it was 100% safe.

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Thanks for the tip, I will check it out

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No problem, broski! I promise I’m not setting you up to get scammed. As long as you use that middleman thread link, you’ll be fine. The way the call system is set up, it’ll only message the trusted middlemen on the sub. Good luck!

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Yoo I'm on Xbox too. I'll trade for those nasty cog wheels.

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lol the Cog wheels? They’re from the Gears of War DLC I think

My roommates are Dutch, so I asked them what was up! Apparently The Netherlands has strict online gambling laws, which is essentially what opening crates is.

Most of our fans, especially on here, are pretty even-tempered and sober about things. Very normal amount and degree of overreaction.

Our local beat writers are whatever the opposite of that is.

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Most of our fans are pretty even tempered and sober

Except all bets are off when our defense hits the field.

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