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You don't really, you can't. They're disposable, but I don't find they get ruined at the first use.

Edit: the cheaper solution would be the off brand ones with no handle.

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Okay, thanks for helping me get less ripped-off! :)

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I also cut them in half if they're the bigger ones, I find a half can do just as much, and they then last longer.


Why the hell isn't the NSFW? Holy fuck I didn't need to see that.

You should look up HSP or highly sensitive person. I thought I had misophonia as well as other mental issues, turns out to be this. Was super interesting for me to read about.

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Do you know of a safe and somewhat legal way of moving to Canada? I want to get my children OUT of this country and according to the website I have nothing to offer Canada (I was finally approved for disability benefits and haven't even received them yet) and I certainly can not afford the huge fees at this time....just thought I'd reach out some feelers. Sincerely, someone living in a shitty red state

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It's probably easier to move to a more liberal state instead of up here no?

Charles Xavier, cuz I'm Logan

Been with my boyfriend three years, and we ha EA had some rough conversations because of this. Whoever we both know to put the relationship before our egos and talk these things out. Come up with a way to deal with it together if needed.

There's an aunties subreddit! It's new and full of people offering the same as you.

Edit: it's r/auntiesnetwork

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