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The Hague trial: Serbian spy Jovica Stanisic accused of setting up genocidal death squads but he was also the CIA's main man in Belgrade: The agency's doc says "that this allegedly evil person did a whole lot of good."

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this article is traditional american disinformation on serbia.

i would point to the boilerplate which begins this article: ethnic cleansing is not a concept that the serbs brought into this world but rather, it is the one of two premises for european nation building. read your machiavelli for descriptions of both.

the term originated after ww2, with the expulsion of germans and magyars from czechoslovakia, the czechs called the process etnicke cistovani, ethnic cleansing.

i suspect that madelaine albright had more responsibility for the contemporary use of the term than serbian governments or militias, as her father was also a career diplomat, in the service of czechoslovakia through ww2, in yugoslavia and in new york...

additionally, all accusations of genocide are more empty war rhetoric, which attempt to justify clintons 'good war.'

according to various human rights agencies, such as the UN and private organizations, such as human rights watch and the red cross, the total number of war dead in the combined yugoslav wars is now estimated at appx 240,000. the number is revised downward continually.

certainly, many terrible things happened in yugoslavia from the 80s, through the present day recognition of a gangster-run kosovo.

for a clear example of genocide, one that madelaine albright said in a now famous 60 minutes interview was 'worth it,' look over to iraq, where one million people had died as a result of the american sanctions before the clintons were out of office.

serbs were the last holdouts against fascism in the balkans. when reagan put the wreath on the grave of the ss commander in germany, and celebrated the rise of the 'new capitalists' in russia (eventually headed by the clinton's partner in crime, kleptocrat extraordinaire and the man who flattened grozny, boris yeltsin) ...the real democrats, the original anti-stalinists, in yugoslavia were under attack from the us treasury via the world bank.

too bad the american people are lobotomized by stories - like this l.a. times abortion -everyday...otherwise they may have a chance to see how it is that so much of the world starves while they got so wealthy and fat.

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Finally someone able to think. Welcome to reddit!

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A few good deeds (for money) does not cancel out one single evil deed.

Murder and genocide are beyond the pale in civilized society.

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Nothing the CIA does is good.


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