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This the spoiler policy for discussion on /r/Survivor.

There are many rules, examples, and exceptions set out below. Please be aware of all of it so that everyone can have a great /r/Survivor experience.

1. General guidelines

The distinctions and rules set out below are based on what has been shown on TV about any given season, and what hasn't. Some content - for example, location of a season - isn't a big deal regardless of whether it's been mentioned on air or not. Other content - for example, the number of people in a future merge - is a big deal to be spoiled before it's shown on TV. We believe we've made a set of rules that is a compromise between shutting down conversations entirely, and preserving certain details of the show to be revealed by the show itself.

2. Spoilers that are okay

Low-level spoilers (artwork/colors, cast, location, and theme) will continued to be allowed on /r/Survivor. This is based on several reasons.

  1. They are details that don't impact the game in an overly significant way. Whether a tribe is going to be blue or green, isn't a huge difference.
  2. It's information that is often released ahead of time, anyway. Promos for a future season aired at a finale usually give away some or all of this information.
  3. Practically speaking, we probably can't keep all this information off. Since it's so low-level, lots of people know this stuff and talk about it pretty casually, so it would be nearly impossible to police these things, even if wanted to.

The above categories are pretty much okay to talk about in any context, with a few restrictions.

  • Until the cast is officially announced by CBS, names should be restricted to threads about that specific season. The 34 cast is officially announced, so talk about those people wherever. However, if there is another season with returnees - hypothetically, say S40 - the cast could not be discussed outside of threads about S40. For instance, if a contestant from S33 was returning for S40, you could talk about that in a thread for S40. But if there was a thread about S33, it is not okay to mention that you can't wait for that player to return in S40.

  • Talking about upcoming tribe colors is okay, but sharing artwork that spoils the game is not okay. For instance, in Survivor: Second Chance, it would have been fine to talk about the two tribe colors of Bayon and Ta Keo. But posting a leaked buff from the Angkor tribe would not be okay, since that'd be spoiling game format (twist on Day 7). If and when a promo showed the swap happening, it would be okay to talk about it.

Basically, if it doesn't have to do with game format/results, information in the basic categories (artwork/colors, cast, location, and theme) is totally okay to talk about other than the restrictions explained above.

Note about Season 38

In accordance to the guidelines laid out above, spoilers regarding returning contestants on Season 38 and the twist on Season 38 should be kept strictly to within Season 38 threads.

3. Spoilers that are not okay

Any higher-level spoilers or extensive speculation, should go on /r/SpoiledSurvivor. This includes:

  • Analysis such as picking apart EXIF data of press photos
  • Speculation based off mistakes or reveals in CBS material
  • Social media spoilers (if they give something specific away)
  • Challenge outcomes
  • Boot spoilers
  • Number of medivacs
  • Game spoilers (format of game, important events such as twists/swaps/F2-vs-F3)
  • Betting Site Odds (as they have proven accurate in the past)

Basically, if it hasn't aired on TV yet and isn't a low-level spoiler discussed above, it shouldn't be on /r/Survivor. Information of that nature, and discussions based on such information, should go on /r/SpoiledSurvivor.

4. Important note about "information" vs "spoilers"

All of the above applies to content that gives away, or speculates about, specific future/not-yet-aired details. If something is just information, it can still be posted. For example, posting Jeff Probst's cast assessment, even though it's non-aired material, is definitely allowed on /r/Survivor, because it is just auxiliary information.

So to clarify, it is non-aired spoilers (other than low-level) that are not allowed moving forward. Content that is not aired, but also isn't spoilers (promo videos, cast interviews, etc) is certainly allowed.

Example (with fake spoiler):

  • Posting Probst's cast assessment - totally fine on /r/Survivor
  • Posting/commenting " ___ is wearing the necklace in one scene of Probst's cast assessment video" - that is a high-level spoiler, and belongs on /r/SpoiledSurvivor.

5. What speculation is okay

When is something speculation, and when is it a spoiler? Here's the general guideline.

It's okay to speculate about something you've seen on the show. That's why Edgic discussions are okay - because they're based on aired material (as long as they comply with our Edgic Policy, of course ). Speculation that isn't Edgic-based is okay, too. For instance, who you think is strong and likely to make it to the end based on that. But when speculation starts getting into the territory of bringing other non-aired information into the equation, then it starts belonging on /r/SpoiledSurvivor.

As an example, talking about who you think has a shot to win after Episode 1 (or even before then), is totally fine. Discuss what you like about them, what makes you think they'll win - no problems there. But when you start pulling in information from social media, possible known spoilers (even if not confirmed), or whatever other content - then that is something that is outside the bounds of /r/Survivor.

We certainly don't want to shut down conversations. We'll try to only remove speculation that's thinly veiled spoilers. We'll also add a report reason for "speculation bordering on spoilers" so that people can report comments/posts for mod review.

6. CBS content

Content that CBS airs on national television is totally okay to talk about. This is the episode itself, of course, but also the "Next Time on Survivor" and pre-season and episode-specific promos.

This content is okay to post/discuss, even if it gives away important information. If CBS blatantly wants people to know something, then so be it. Examples would be the promo from a few seasons ago spoiling the tribal that went to rocks, and the pre-season 33 promo showing the weather evacuation. CBS has chosen to use that info for their marketing, and so it is acceptable to discuss that.

Info that is published/sanctioned by CBS but not aired, and isn’t spoilers, is okay to post and discuss. This includes Probst's cast assessments, press photos, challenge previews, episode descriptions, and Probst/cast interviews. However, if there is a blatant spoiler inside such content (see below) then the spoiler wouldn't be grounds for discussion, even if the source content is okay.

When mistakes are made by CBS, that information is off-limits for posting on /r/Survivor. Examples would be accidentally posting a challenge video from a future week instead of the current one, or showing someone with a necklace in a promo video. This will be at the mod’s judgement, but it should be pretty straightforward: if CBS published something and clearly did not intend to spoil people, it would not be okay to discuss on /r/Survivor.

7. Post-episode-spoilers

There is a spoiler protection period in place for new episodes. It starts as the episode begins airing and lasts until Friday morning (for US Survivor). For international seasons, the spoiler protection window will last for about 72 hours after the last episode for that week has aired. For Australian Survivor, the period will end Friday morning US time. For Survivor NZ, it will end Wednesday morning US time. This translates to 2:00 pm AEST and 4:00 pm NZST. You can convert timezones using this tool.

Events during the episode and the preview for the next episode will be protected. Even implicit spoilers, such as the gender of the boot, will fall under this.

During this period, post titles must be kept spoiler free, and posts containing spoilers should be marked as such, especially if the thumbnail contains a spoiler. Note that AutoModerator does have some rules that will help it tag certain posts as Spoiler automatically, so you may not need to do so. Please check your post and tag it if needed and if AutoModerator hasn't.

Once the protection period ends (i.e., Friday for US Survivor), spoilers in post titles and thumbanils are fair game.

8. Spoiler tags in comments

You can use spoiler tags in comments as a courtesy. There are no rules requiring the use of spoiler tags anywhere. Additionally, spoiler tags should not be used to share any of the prohibited spoilers listed above. Any spoiler not allowed on /r/Survivor is prohibited regardless of the use of spoiler tags.

The formatting for spoiler tags is:

[Spoiler text here](/spoiler)

which will display as:

Spoiler text here

9. Caution for non-spoiled people

In the past, we've had trolls who sent spoilers to people who made it known they were unspoiled. It's unfortunate, but it's best to keep your "I don't want to know spoilers!" comments to yourself, to avoid being targeted.


  • If something has happened on TV you can talk about it on /r/Survivor.
  • If it hasn't happened yet, go to /r/SpoiledSurvivor to discuss the spoiler (with some exceptions listed above).
  • If it's information about the show that isn't spoilers, you can talk about it on /r/Survivor.
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