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S38 Episode 4
Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Episode 4 | Eastern Time Discussion
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Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Episode 4 | Eastern Time Discussion

Season 38, Episode 4: I Need a Dance Partner

Aired: March 13, 2019

Synopsis: Castaways drop their buffs and switch things up, and Edge of Extinction heats up when an eliminated castaway has to face people they blindsided.

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Comments are fair game for spoilers (excluding production spoilers), so read at your own risk!

West Coasters, chat about the episode as it airs live on the West Coast! There will be a separate thread at 7:45 PM Pacific Time.

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The Old Manu was "Cleveland Browns" and "Brooklyn Nets" of tribes!

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If Chris, Keith, and Reem were still in the game, I would put Chris on Kama, Keith on Manu, and Reem on Lesu.

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18 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

I need to stop following wardog on Twitter, his tweets tagging Lauren made me pretty sure of what was going to happen at tribal.

He's one of the players I like least all time.

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This is why I don’t follow any Survivors on Twitter. All they do is spoil or taint the show. Watching pure of those things I think Wardog is pretty cool so far.

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I kind of can't wait for a scene on Extinction where an 8th Manu/Lesu shows up and Big Wendy is still in game

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Don't think Kelly's statement on being the "Cleveland Browns" of tribes really applies anymore..

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LOL More like the "Brooklyn Nets" of tribes!

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2 points · 2 months ago

Nets are having a great season??

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UM not really! They aren't gonna make the Playoffs!

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That’s a bold call, because Orlando isn’t catching up

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LMAO If they Make the Playoffs, they will be out first!

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This was exactly what I thought when she said that. HahA

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They haven't done shit yet.

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I mean they won 7 more games than the previous year

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Doesn't make that reference wrong.

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They are the New York Giants of tribes

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If you could give Wardog a different nickname, what would you choose for him?

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Whenever someone says his name on the show I just pretend that person said "Warthog" instead. To me the name "Wardog" makes it seem like the dude wants to be intense and soldier-like. So hearing everyone refer to him as Warthog is hilarious and I chuckle.

He's just a little wild boar running around the jungle trying to survive lol

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Fun fact: When Wardog introduced himself on the boat, Victoria geniunely thought he said "warthog". Her first interaction with Gavin was "Did he say Warthog?"

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