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Don't fly Southwest Airlines on March 13

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14 points · 10 years ago

Their website may or may not be DoSed, but more likely they'll just point the affected domain to nowhere.

Unless you've discovered that they're running their autopilot off their webserver, your headline sucks.

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To reduce costs they are using Flight Simulator thru HTTP to control the airplanes.

level 2 . It looks like they already took it down.

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Hopefully with this much advance warning, they'll have thought of that.

But the headline is appropriate... even if the website has nothing to do with flying planes. If they use an affected domain for crew portals, for example (in-transit crews logging in to see if they've been reassigned, etc.), communications and workflow could be interrupted enough to delay flights.

I didn't read "don't fly" to mean "they'll crash!", I read it in the same way you read "don't fly the day before thanksgiving".

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That's like saying 'Don't go to this concert because Ticketmaster is down"

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Fuck this post. Dont start trying to create sensation and FUD. Its going to affect their website. Not their flights. This wont be that hard to mitigate either.

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Embarrassing - even computerworld had a more intelligent headline than yours.

Now if only there were a system that mapped hostnames to IP addresses that could be edited to re-map that address to some harmless IP...all their problems would be solved.


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