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Guide to /r/Manga

Welcome to the Guide where everything is explained (for this subreddit, at least). From the Submission Guidelines to Rules to Spoiler Regulations, and how to do good titles, etc.

Submission Guidelines

All posts that are directly related to a series must include the series' title in the title of the post.

Not every person has read every series and will not recognize every series. Even if a series is very common, there are still plenty of people that may have not read it or are completely new to manga. You are not doing anyone a favor if you don't include the title of a the series in the title. Don't make people go looking for having to ask. This applies to a post which features even a hint of manga imagery as the content. For posts containing multiple series in the main post, posts including at most 3 still must include the title in the title of the post.

Anything with 4 or more different series requires a comment posting in the comments within 3 minutes of the post going up. Also, please do not use initialisms/short-hands as these are typically only recognizable to people that already know the series. The reddit title character limit is fairly large so there's no excuse for not including full (or near full) titles.

In addition, please don't make "technically correct titles" which are only titled as something like "She Gets Girls Everyday." While it is the title of a manga, your post shouldn't just be the source for the title. When submitting content, you're expected to be giving some kind of commentary/reaction to the content. If you only make the title of a post the title of a series, it's really no better than titling it "manga". It comes across as lazy karmawhoring and leads to people missing that it's the title of the series rather than a bit of commentary.

For Discussion submissions, please use the following link syntax: [DISC] name of manga (chapter#) or (general questions: who's your favorite character? etc.)

The [DISC] tag is especially important for the search bar. If someone is looking up previous discussions, they should be able to identify them with the [DISC] tag. Another important fact is that the [DISC] tag also serves as a warning for spoilers. If you are posting a [DISC] post, keep in mind that you should at the very least be following the discussion. Chapter Discussions posts do not need a spoiler flair as it should be assumed that there are spoilers for up to the specified chapter in them.

For Discussion posts, the priority link should be the scanlator's site while the secondary would be a self post without a link.

The [DISC] tag is *not needed on any question post that can be answered by a single question. Discussions are posts involving multiple people talking about something rather than 1 or 2 people answering a question that the original poster has.

For art, please use the following: [Art] Title of Choice (Name of the Series)

Links to manga pages or panels and fanart both fall under the art tag, use it when the disc tag doesn't apply.

If you are recommending manga (RT! = Read This!), please use the following: [RT!] name of manga (genres) and be liberal with genres! Keep in mind that this is a recommendation from you to all of r/manga, so tell us why we should read it in your post!

Another tag that is beneficial to the search bar. Something to keep in mind here is that you absolutely never need to link to an aggregate site for the post. Linking to Manga Updates, My Anime List, or doing a Self Post are all preferred when it comes to [RT!] posts. Everyone is just going to use their preferred readers in the end anyway. But we still shouldn't be driving traffic to these sites as a first priority. Also, keep in mind to tell us why you enjoy the series, usually in the comments. If you're just recommending a series without saying why, how are you convincing someone to read it? Note that [RT!] posts are for recommending series to new readers, so do not use spoilers or treat them like reviews.

[SL] for posts directly regarding or relating to Scanlation.

If it relates directly to Scanlation or Scanlators rather than a specific series, this is the tag for that.

News posts require the [News] tag at the beginning of the post title.

Posts about new licenses, anime adaptation announcements, hiatuses, mangaka statuses, and so on would fall under the news tag.

If you're asking the entire community a question, put /r/manga in the link title.

These are posts for everyone. Including /r/manga in the title is just a signal that it is for everyone to jump in whether it be a game or discussion aimed at all readers. It's a good way to address the entire community for something.

Not every post needs a tag.

If none of the tags above are clearly defined for what your post is, there's a good chance you don't need a tag at all. Posts like simple questions, news, and so on don't require tags.


Be Respectful

This simply means to have etiquette. Before you post something, think about it from the others' perspective. There are real people behind each username, and your words carry a weight to them. Play nice with other people and try not to start flame wars or be a jerk. This also means not to enter discussions for series you don't follow just to criticize them. Discussions are meant for those that read the series. Report those that are going out of their way to ignore etiquette please. This also means not to flame mod warnings.

Note that this includes not engaging in arguments. If two people are slinging mud at each-other, we will either leave it alone, or warn you both. If you fight back in a similar fashion as someone breaking this rule, you are acknowledging it. When you are tired after slinging mud at each-other is not the okay time to then report the user for disrespecting you.

Follow submission guidelines when applicable.

Simply means to follow the submission guidelines. Failing to follow the submission guidelines will warrant a warning from the moderators reminding you to follow them in the future. Repeated ignoring of warnings may result in consequences. If a single post accumulates 3 warnings from a moderator, it will be removed in the name of Quality Control.


If you're posting content which has nudity or gore, please use the NSFW tag which is the green button on the same row as the comments/save/share buttons. When it comes to manga chapters with nudity, we ask that ecchi series in particular always be tagged with NSFW. For series not containing the ecchi genre, it's fine to not use the NSFW tag although please try to follow some common sense.

Meme submissions featuring no manga content will be removed.

This includes anything you'd see on /r/AdviceAnimals or Rage Comics. This means image macros, generic meme comics, reaction clips, and so on which feature no real manga content. Editing the text or having the title of the post to be manga related does not make the post okay either.

No Referral/Profiteering/Soliciting Links/Sites

We tolerate "donation" buttons on the translator's page, however, please don't link to said donation buttons in the post itself. We will remove posts doing such. We also ban sites that attempt to directly monetize fan-translations through either pay-walls, adblock blockers, ad links, cryptocurrency mining, and Patreon early release benefits. Fan-translators do not own the rights to the series they're translating, thus we will not tolerate attempts to earn a profit through users on the subreddit through the use of any of the mentioned.

In addition, please do not attempt to link to Patreon/Kickstarter/Etc for English Original Projects. This is not a subreddit for you to attempt to turn a profit off the users. This includes referral links through sites like Amazon. Any attempts will be met with immediate removal, and your account/site being potentially banned from the subreddit.

Overall, please don't attempt to post links in which you would earn a direct profit from users on the subreddit.

All posts should be related to manga, Manwha, Korean Webtoons, and Manhuas. Don't link to anime only content. If it isn't related to any of the previously mentioned, please don't post it. Announcements of an anime adaption for a manga series is okay but anything beyond that including PV's, Character Designs, VA Reveals, and so on are more anime focused and will be removed. Anime adaptations of Light Novels are not manga related regardless if the Light Novel has a manga adaptation.

English Original Works

English Original Works are allowed only under self/text-posts. We don't allow one-page English Original Web Comics like XKCD or Penny Arcade. If you're a creator for something, please see our section on Original Series regarding self-promotion.


Hentai isn't allowed on /r/Manga as top-level posts. Hentai is equal to porn, so it belongs on subreddits such as /r/Hmanga and /r/HentaiSource.


Fan-art of Anime/Light Novel/Visual Novel/Etc original characters are not allowed. Fan-Art for characters from the other mediums should be kept in their relevant subreddits. Only Fan-Art of manga original characters are allowed.

Art from known Japanese Mangaka are allowed too, but this could change if it turns into a situation requiring it.

Cite your sources.

Not every person has read every series and will not recognize every series. Even if a series is very common, there are still plenty of people that may have not read it or are completely new to manga. You are not doing anyone a favor if you don't include the title of a the series in the title. Don't make people go looking for having to ask. This applies to a post which features even a hint of manga imagery as the content.

  • For posts containing multiple series in the main post, posts including at most 3 still must include the title in the title of the post. Anything with 4 or more different series requires a comment posting in the comments within 3 minutes of the post going up.
  • Also, please do not use initialisms/short-hands as these are typically only recognizable to people that already know the series. The reddit title character limit is fairly large so there's no excuse for not including full (or near full) titles.


Art is okay to submit in this sub-reddit as long as it directly relates to a manga series. This also means that you should include the source similar to how it is done on the sub-reddit /r/Awwnime. Original manga character art isn't as allowed, this is not the place for it (try /r/AnimeSketch). Please try to keep any art directly related to manga.

Do not post rips of officially licensed releases.

We oblige scanlations as a necessity for many series, but licensed series do not fall under this. Linking to downloads or rips of the officially licensed content is not okay, and any posts of that type will be removed. We have been asked in the past to remove download links for certain series, and for the life of this sub-reddit we will always comply with such requests.

TL;DR - Don't link rips of releases from English Publishers. (VIZ, Crunchyroll, Yen Press, Etc.)

Always use spoiler tags when necessary.

A spoiler is mostly identified as something a new reader isn't supposed to know until that point in the story. Character deaths and major plot turns need to be spoiler tagged. We don't care if the spoiler is old, if it was a story twist, SPOILER TAG it. Spoiler tags are easy to use and are located in the sidebar for easy copy/paste. You can literally copy/paste the tag and watch it work. Once again, spoiler tags are needed for general discussions are aren't related to a single series. Spoiler tags are not needed in a [DISC] about the latest chapter of a series.

For more information on Spoiler Policies, please check below in the Spoilers section.

No Duplicate Discussions

Duplicate posts of the same chapter release/translation will be removed. Different releases/translations of the same chapter are allowed. At least 4 days is required before posting the same discussion. This applies to posts which are discussing the latest topic. For example, if there's a discussion for chapter 6 of a series, no one is allowed to post their own thoughts on the chapter or reviews as separate posts for at least 4 days. Discussions should be kept in the discussion threads to avoid flooding the subreddit.

Also, please don't try to just panel grab images from the latest chapter of whatever series. Panel posting from the latest chapter of a series is a cheap grab and should be kept away from being posted at least a week or the next chapter is posted. These image posts typically just create more discussion for the chapter which belongs in the relevant chapter discussion and often have spoilers such as major reveals or punchlines to jokes.

Multi-Chapter Releases

If you want to post a dump of chapters, please make only one post which encompasses all the chapters by either making the title clear that it's for chapter A-C, or by making the discussion just for chapter "C". Multiple discussions for consecutive chapters creates dead discussions as people read through to the latest chapter typically. This means any older discussions won't actually be used. Thus, please don't spam a bunch of discussion posts.


Spoiler Tags are REQUIRED for Spoilers

  • [DISC] tags are usually for posts dedicated to a specific series, such as the newest chapter, or an aspect or question about the series. Using a [DISC] tag on just a general discussion about all manga is okay, but having untagged spoilers for various series discussed are not. Spoilers should be expected for [DISC] posts for up to that specific chapter for posts of a specified series. Do not bring in spoilers from a Chapter 50 to a Chapter 49 post.
  • The Spoiler Tag button can be found to the immediate right of reddit's ingrained NSFW button. Same row as the comment, share, and save buttons for any post. If you have CSS enabled on the subreddit, the spoilers button is colored red. Make sure the title of the series is in the title of the post as well. If you give a really generic title and the picture or post contains spoilers, it is a risky click if the average user doesn't know what series it is spoiling. Even if you are using a spoiler tag in the title, make it clear if you are discussing spoilers for the entire series or not. Include the context of the spoiler in the op and spoiler tag the question. Do not just use the spoiler tag in the title and immediately spoil the end of a series in the first sentence.
  • General discussions about spoilers from various series needs to have both the flair and spoiler tagged responses. There should be no post where people don't know what is being spoiled within it. Any such comments that are no spoiler tagged will be removed and a warning will be given.
  • Do not put a spoiler in a spoiler tag without giving any prior indication as to the series the spoiler is referencing. This is what is called a Land Mine and no one is able to safely look at them without potentially spoiling themselves. If the general topic or comment chain is about the series, and it's already been referenced, you don't need to reiterate every reply the source.
  • Spoilers do not expire. Whether it's from the most recent chapter of from 15 years ago, if a new reader isn't supposed to know it, don't post it untagged.

At the same time, we mods are not omnipotent and we do not go into every single post on the sub-reddit so if you see a spoiler that isn't properly tagged, report it.

How to define a spoiler: If it has to do with a development that a new reader isn't supposed to know about, it is a spoiler. This includes how a series ends, character deaths, character abilities, plot twists, story developments, or any other thing a new reader isn't supposed to know until a specified point. This also includes Meta-Spoilers.

Examples of Spoilers

  • "Series X has a Harem Ending." You are literally confirming how a series ends before someone has the chance to read it. Do not do this; no seriously, just don't.
  • "It was sad character Y died." I very much doubt a new reader is supposed to know about character deaths that take place half-way through a series. Let them feel the shock on their own.
  • What is the source for this? This is harder to judge but it has happened where the picture contained some serious spoiler or what appears to be a serious spoiler for those that do know the series but have not read it. If a series is identified, I'll usually put the title of the series in the flair of the post; if I feel like the picture used to identify the series contains spoilers, that will go into the flair as well.
  • "I'm looking for a series with this kind of development." This is a more direct form of meta-spoiler as asking for series that contain certain developments means those very development won't be a surprise to a new reader.

What is a Meta-Spoiler? - A Meta-Spoiler is the suggestive way of spoiling something. While not directly saying how something ends, you end up saying how it doesn't end. Even just giving an adjective on how a series is could be considered meta-spoilers. These are considered meta-spoilers and can be just as bad as regular spoilers. Anyone can have their perspective shifted based on Meta-Spoilers without realizing. This could result in a less thrilling experience or just making a major plot twist predictable. Please avoid making statements based on information from raws or future chapters as these are often meta-spoilers. So don't give Meta-Spoilers either.

  • But how am I supposed to give my opinion then? - You can give your opinion or review of a series, just don't go describing certain developments that a new reader is supposed to be blind-sided by. Give your overall opinion of a series rather than reviewing segments of story.

Examples of Meta-Spoilers

  • "Too bad [Heroine's Name] didn't win." This is a common meta-spoiler which rules out what one ending wasn't when it comes to series that could go in many different ways. Don't do this. The very confirmation against a plot development can be a spoiler as well. When you are removing one potential development, you are focusing the reader's idea of what could happen to one more likely development that they most likely thought of. Developments and twists are exciting because you are not supposed to know what kind of criteria will determine it.
  • Someone described an upcoming story development as "painful-good." I considered this a Meta-Spoiler because I was able to figure out exactly why that person would use that adjective in relation to what kind of development took place. And thus, I had one of the biggest plot twists ruined for me. Keep these spoilers away from specific series threads for those that haven't read up to date.
  • "I felt really bad for the antagonist's back-story." Try not to give your opinion on how you felt about a character's back-story because you are telling a new reader that there is something to be sympathetic about.
  • "Today's chapter of series X was just heartbreaking" - You are free to discuss in the latest chapter discussions for that specific series. Just keep it there. Don't go asking for recommendations based around how you need cheering up from that latest chapter.

We are more lenient of Meta-Spoilers to a certain degree. It once again however falls under how much information are you giving and whether or not you are describing an entire series or certain segments of a series. You must understand though that even small things can be folded the right way to see the big picture. People are not as blind to foreshadowing as you think.

How to use spoiler tags

Reddit's Spoiler Tags


>!Spoilers Go Here!<

Will show up as:

Spoilers Go Here

Our CSS Spoiler Tags


[Manga Title](/s "Manga Spoilers")

Will show up as:

Manga Title

Mod Process

  1. Identify Spoiler
  2. Remove Comment
  3. Inform poster of untagged spoiler through either messaging or replying to the comment in question.
  4. We wait for a reply back informing us that the problem has been fixed.
  5. Check to see if spoiler tag has been fixed. (A lot of posts just don't fix it in the end and give up.)
  6. Re-approve comment

Once again, mods are not sentient robots that monitor every single comment and there is a lot we can't catch soon enough. So make sure to report when you see an untagged spoiler.

Original Manga Series

Posting Original Series

Original Manga Inspired Series are a grey zone in terms of the rules. All original series should come in the form of self/text-posts and should be clearly identifiable as manga inspired. Just web-comics (i.e. XKCD, Penny Arcade, etc.) aren't allowed. Also, if your initial post doesn't do well, you cannot post it again hoping for better. If you have nothing new to offer after the first post, please move on. If you do however have something new to show after some time, feel free to make a new post. Please be conscious of not posting too regularly for your original series. Text Drafts/Character Designs by themselves are not allowed. If you're going to submit your "original manga," don't just post a character design or a single page of text. If you want feedback/advice on your synopsis of your original series, please bring it to /r/Writing. /r/Drawing would be appropriate for art-based feedback on your illustrations/character designs.

Links to kickstarter/paetron/etc for original projects are not allowed either. This isn't the subreddit to try and fund your, or your friend's original comic. So please don't try to post those project funding sites on this subreddit.

Asking for Artists

This is fairly common where someone is looking for an artist to do the art for their story. /r/manga is not a community of artists, and is not really a good place to find artists in general; try visiting /r/AnimeSketch.
Just because it seems to come up a lot, we'll address this here: The odds of you finding an artist that will work for free is like winning the lottery. We recommend that if you want to do your own manga inspired series, learn how to do the art yourself because you are not going to find someone to do all the hard work for you. Or be ready to spend some money on commission! Or get lucky, I don't know. Also, if you do end up learning to draw, make sure to learn to draw from life first. The manga art style is nothing more than a caricature of real life. You can't do caricatures well until you truly understand what you are caricaturing. If that makes sense. If you need a recommendation on a good place to start, I'd recommend /r/ArtFundamentals.

Self-Promotion Policies

Make sure to read Reddit's Self Promotion Policies.

If you are caught as having that majority of all your posts being related to your own series, site, or subreddit, they'll start being removed after you receive a warning depending on the severity of the offense. We are a sub-reddit about participation and discussion, linking and commenting in regards to your own stuff is not participation. If an account is caught as being only affiliated with a website, it will likely be banned.

  • Blog & Youtube - Posts to your own blog or YouTube video are okay. However, for every post you do linking to your blog, you should have done numerous other posts in various discussions. If someone can tell from a glance that the majority of your posts are only in relation to your own blog or YouTube account, you aren't properly participating in the community. Also, similar to the original manga policies, doing re-posts when your original doesn't do well is not allowed.
  • Crowdfunding - Links to your or your friend's kickstarter/patreon/etc are not allowed at all. This isn't the subreddit to try and fund your original comic project. So you may not attempt to self-promote your original project with links to some sort of site that will turn you a direct profit.
  • Discord/Chat Groups - Please don't try to self-promote your discord channels as top-level posts. (Link/Self-Posts) There's a hundred of them for each specific topic/series, and this isn't a subreddit to promote users to go participate somewhere else. It's allowed moderately in discussions as long as you aren't going overboard.
  • Subreddits - The Discord policy applies similarly to other subreddits. We allow moderate self-promotion in relevant topics for series specific subreddits, or cross-posts about discussions/re-reads/etc. in said subreddits assuming it doesn't go overboard. However, if an account is found to be only be posting on /r/Manga in an attempt to self-promote the subreddit, it may be banned. There's a difference between encouraging more discussion in another location where it more easily flourishes, and trying to spam your subreddit. Note that subreddits which are being linked to which exist exclusively to break our rules will be banned. (i.e. If the subreddit is only about posting rips of official releases of series, it will be banned.)
  • Scanlators - This is a discussion subreddit, the people posting chapter discussions should be the ones interested in discussing the series. Do not treat the subreddit as a release platform please. When you do, you're wasting the chance for other users that are passionate about the series to post and get all the little message notifications allowing even more discussion. We have a ratio where if a scanlator is seen as excessively self-promoting their site, we will warn them to stop. Once again, /r/Manga is for users to post discussions for stuff they are reading and want to discuss, it's not intended to be a manga aggregate site.

Most excessive self-promotion cases will be met with a warning from the mod mail. If you do not wish your either your account or site to be banned, please read the warning on improving your reddit behavior. Responding to the mod mail with questions will absolutely help us help you. Please do not just ignore the warning though as it will not encourage us to be lenient towards your behavior.


Link Flairs are automatically assigned based on content in the post's title and comments.

  • Submission tags - [Submission Tags] in a post's title will flair the post with that tag
  • Chapter numbers - For chapter number updates for existing discussion threads, the OP of the thread can leave a comment that says: chapters = 10.4-494949 (examples) and those numbers will be added to the post's flair (whatever they may be). The number section can only include the characters 0 through 9, hyphens, and periods.
  • Manga Titles - For 'what series is this' threads where the correct title is discovered, the OP of the thread can leave a comment that says solved = **series name** and the series title will be added as flair to the post

User Flairs

  • Scanlator Flairs - If you are a scanlator and want some flair next to your username to represent the group you are a part of, you can make a request in the Scanlator Flair Thread linked under the Flair Tab in the Sidebar. Please note that we do ask for proof that you are who you say you are usually through the forum on the Scanlator Site.
  • Reading List Flairs - If you want to, which we recommend, you can set up a reading list on My Anime List, Manga Updates, Anime Planet, or AniList. We have flairs to represent which site you use and you can put the link in the flair as well that way if someone hovers over your flair, they can grab the link to your reading list. Adding this flair is available in the sidebar below the subscribe button and search bar. Also, if you'd like to request another site to be added to the available flairs, message the mods and we'll see what we can do.

Just so you know, Scanlator Flairs do not mix with Reading List Flairs so you can only possess one at a time.

Good Titles and Tips

  • [DISC] Series Title (Chapter #)
  • [RT!] Series Title (Genres)
  • [DISC] Series Title (Ending Spoilers) What is your opinion on the ending?
  • Relevant Title [Series Title] - For an image post. Example
  • [SL] Is this scanlator group still active?
  • Avoid using only the title of a series as the title of the post.
  • Avoid one word titles like "manga" or "anime" please.
  • Give context as to the spoilers. [Ending Spoilers] in flair or title.

If you make good titles, you will earn our love. :3


Identification Posts

These are always allowed. If you are wondering what a certain series is, you're free to give some information about it to get help to find the title. Please try to give as much non-spoiler information as possible. This includes information such as when you read it, genres, character names, personalities, or even simple events. Be careful though not to give any details that are spoilers outside of spoiler tags. If you know the ending and want to include that in the post, please spoiler tag it. This way you aren't spoiling every possible new or current reader. When you spoiler tag it after giving a lot of harmless information for identifying the series, people will only check if they feel they know it. This way, the ending spoilers in the tags are a method of confirmation rather than a landmine.

If you have an image that you are having trouble identifying, try using the Reverse Image Search. Otherwise, if you still cannot find the source for an image, you are free to ask for help.

Once a series has been identified, please reply to the person and confirm that you have found the series. Then, go into the Link Flair and add in the title of the series and save that way people can see it by the title of the post. Some people use identification posts as a way to find new series to read.

Asking for Recommendations

Asking for recommendations are allowed. Please try not to ask for series that contain elements that would be a spoiler though. For example, try not to ask for series that come with a Harem Ending or where the Protagonist dies for that would make it so only people brave enough to be spoiled would come in to comment. If you do ask, please include a spoiler tag.

Otherwise, also try using the search bar for other recommendation requests. There are plenty of posts asking for recommendations and looking them up in the search bar may help you save the trouble of asking in a new post. There's also our new Recommendation Wiki which is still currently under construction. There, we'll be taking common recommendation topics and their recommendations and putting them in the wiki for easy access for what people would recommend. Once again, you're completely free to ask for recommendations as they change over time. Even if you find similar stuff in the search bar, you can still get new ones from a new thread assuming a significant amount of time has passed since the last thread.

Having a manga list also helps immensely to allow people to find what your interests are and what you've already read. Try not to be vague also, it makes it harder on those trying to help you so please make sure to list series you enjoy as well as describe what about them you're looking for or really enjoy. This community would love to help you, but you need to help us help you.

Lastly, please don't bash series, tropes, settings, or genres when asking for recommendations. Everyone has their own preferences and it's fine to explain that you'd prefer series that don't have certain tropes and such. However, when you trash the series and such in your post, you're likely not going to get recommendations from people that do enjoy them. After all, why would they want to help you when you're parading around a sense of arrogance or acting like your taste is superior? So yea, be polite when asking for recommendations and convince us to help you.

It is human nature to make mistakes. We do not penalize you for these mistakes all the time. You are always free to delete your own post and re-submit with a corrected title or link. On /r/Manga, we prioritize quality posts.

Comment Faces

Our sub-reddit has a number of comment faces available for posting. The list can be found Here.


We don't allow novelty bots as they typically end up spamming the subreddit. Functionally useful bots are allowed though with permission. (i.e. /u/Roboragi and /u/TsurezureTracker)

Aggregate Sites

We'd like people to link to the original source first. If the original source isn't available for linking, even self/text-posts make for great alternatives.

If you link to an aggregate site like Manga Fox or Manga Here, you will get an aggregate site warning. These sites are are designed to earn ad revenue off the work that scanlators do. Scanlators are those that scan and translate the series for people to read while there are a large number of sites that will rip from the scanlators and re-host with lower quality images and watermarks as an attempt to take credit for the scanlation. While we don't mind if someone likes to use a specific site to read their manga, we don't want to drive traffic to these sites. So when linking, please try to do it to either the scanlator's site, a self post, or Mangadex in specific cases.

Mangadex is an aggregate site. But they re-host in the same quality as the scanlators while following scanlator re-hosting policies. Certain groups will only upload to Mangadex as well. Mangadex does not take credit for the scanlation of the series they host and will always properly credit the scanlators that do the series. We would still prefer you to link to the scanlator's site. But sometimes, the series are only hosted on Mangadex so it is okay in that case.

Self/Text-Posts are fine. You do not need to include a link at all if the chapter is out. People will read the series usually on whatever preferred site or download they have. If you have the series title and chapter in the title with the [DISC] tag, that will be enough for people to understand. There is never a need to link to an aggregate site.

Warning Comment - The below is the comment you will see if you link to an aggregate site.

Please try not to link to these kinds of aggregate sites. Aggregate sites for the most part are designed to earn ad revenue and take credit from the hard working scanlators. Scanlators are the ones that translate, scan, clean, typeset, and post these series for us online to read. They do this for free as a hobby and rely on donations mostly to be able to continue scanlating. Aggregate sites will re-host at a lower quality and slap watermarks all over pages to try and minimize work and take credit. It is better to either link to a high quality source usually from the scanlators directly, or to do a self post considering everyone has their own preferences for which sites they use. Please keep that in mind when doing posts in the future as we strive to have a higher quality of content.

Scanlator [Scanlator Name](Scanlator's Site Link)

[Scanlator's Online Reader](A Link to the chapter on the Scanlator's Online Reader on their site.)


Mods are not omnipotent so we rely on the users as well to report rule breaking posts. Below are a list of things you should report if you see.

  • Non Spoiler-Tagged Spoilers or Posts that include Spoilers without tags.
  • Hate Speech as well as general Manga Hate Speech. (This also means no going into discussion for series you don't read to merely bash them.)
  • Meme Posts
  • Referral Links (Links where the OP may earn a profit for your visit.)
  • Web Comics (Web Comics as in things like XKCD or anything clearly not Manga Inspired.)
  • Troll Posts/Comments (Don't get into these arguments, just report and move on.)
  • Aggregate Site Bot Posts (We have seen them before where they solely exist to advertise a specific aggregate site.)
  • Blog Spam (Posts by users that do nothing but link to their own blogs.) Reddit Self-Promotion Policies
  • Hentai Posts (We don't allow porn submissions on the subreddit.)
  • Multiple Discussions for the same release. (As in the same group's same release.)

When reporting a post, please try to mark as other and give us the exact reason a post or comment does not belong and should be removed. Disagreeing with something is not a reason to report either. The report button is not a Super Downvote and we will not remove other people's post based on different opinions.


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Everything and anything manga! (manhwa/manhua is okay too!) Discuss weekly chapters, find/recommend a new series to read, post a picture of your collection, lurk, etc!

r/manga Rules
Follow submission guidelines when applicable.
Meme or Hentai Post
Referral/Profiteering/Soliciting Link/Site
Not Manga/Manhwa/Manhua Related
Missing Source
Licensed Release Rip
Untagged Spoilers
Duplicate Link Post
Excessive or Aggregate Site Self-Promotion
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