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Thoughtful Thursday - 2019
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2 months ago

Thoughtful Thursday! - March 7, 2019

Welcome to this week's Thoughtful Thursday thread! Also known as "No Stupid Questions"

Thoughtful Thursday - a post idea by u/davidgillilandfan38 for all fans to ask whatever NASCAR-related question they want answered in hopes to get an explanation for something they've been unsure of. No question is too stupid! Want to know why the cars drive left around ovals instead of right or why the cars don't have headlights (they're just stickers!)? Or maybe you want to know something more technical that someone with more experience might know? This thread is for you! Ask below!

Serious answers only, please!

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level 1

Are the race teams truly excited about the upcoming Gen 7, or is it just a marketing gimmick to keep us lowly dumb rednecks interested?

yes, the last part is /s

level 2

Are the race teams truly excited about the upcoming Gen 7, or is it just a marketing gimmick to keep us lowly dumb rednecks interested?

Right now the only thing "Gen7" is, is three letters and a number. There are a lot of options on the table, but anyone saying "Gen 7 is gonna be X" or "Gen 7 is gonna be Y" is just reaching or speculating.

Opportunities for improvement are always interesting.

I do think fans sometimes obsess way too much about details of the cars. A lot of things don't really play into whether a race, or season, are fundamentally engaging.

Parity is what's really important IMO

level 1

Anyone else wonder how the Supra got approved with the body lines in the nose? I know we aren't common body but it still seems like it could be an issue. Or are the lines not that big of a deal?

level 2

If it were an obvious aerodynamic advantage, NASCAR would break their back bending over backwards to change it, so it's probably not a huge deal.

level 1

With this new tire package combination coming in for only the Phoenix race, I’m wondering how teams that didn’t test in January are going to push the limits with the performance of the tire.

Will the teams that tested have an advantage of the maximum limits of the tire and car performance with the new aero package?

level 2

The tire rec is a change, but it's not like it's some Earth shattering thing. It's not that big in the grand scheme of things. And at a tire test you're generally playing by Goodyear's rules and not going wild "pushing the limits" anyway.

It's nice having a heads up, but I don't think there's going to be much or any advantage for anyone who was out at the test.

level 2
2 points · 2 months ago

It's always better to have run something than not. But most of the teams will have data from a teammate and Goodyear to know what the limits should be.

And then someone is going to push beyond those limits and blow a tire anyway because it's Phoenix and that's what they do

level 1
Jeff Gordon
3 points · 2 months ago

Anyone know how big the fuel tanks are? Has fuel mileage changed with the tapered spacer?

level 2
8 points · 2 months ago

Fuel tanks are 18.5 gallons big. Many teams easily ran more than 60 laps at Vegas without any kind of fuel saving; with the previous package you could go around 55-57 laps at full speed on 1.5 milers. In theory you can get better mileage with the tapered spacer and the aero ducts as the engine runs at lower RPMs, but it's also more difficult to save fuel efficiently because you're on the throttle for longer.

level 1
3 points · 2 months ago

How much do radio scanners/headphones rentals cost at a typical NASCAR race? Going to Fontana.

level 2
2 points · 2 months ago

They're like 40 or 50 if you get them a la carte. Many tracks offer discount deals if you reserve one when you buy tickets. Never been to Fontana to know how they do it

level 1

From /r/nba

TV ratings for games are down this season. The All-Star Game ratings were down. Silver said the league is struggling to reach the millions of fans from the target age 18-34 demographic who don't have cable or streaming packages. They care about the league but don't build the habit of watching games on TV or in person, a core tenet of creating revenue. "You see a tweet saying, 'Warriors-Rockets great matchup, Harden is going for 60.' The fact [is] you can't just [click] and get that game," Silver said. "That transactional friction has to be eliminated. We're being paid a lot of money to gate our content right now [by TV partners]. What's happening is demand and supply aren't meeting."

[Sourced] (

So obviously the ratings issue is not a NASCAR only problem and many other sports series are looking to move to streaming services as provided solely by the leagues themselves (WWE Network, MotoGP Video Pass, F1TV, WEC Members, and a few more), so what is keeping NASCAR from trying or announcing something similar? Or will this just be an expected part of Gen7?

level 2

Aging fanbase (meaning technological impairment) and a substantial reliance on broadcast rights for financial security. I do believe it'd be in their best interests to start working on one, whether independently or as a joint endeavor, especially to increase the rather awful and scattered access to archived footage and old races; but it's a balancing act, and most of those demonstrate the pitfalls and limitations you can be forced into (WWE Network's 1+ year holdback of old episodes, blackout policies, etc). There's also something of a 'service fatigue' issue right now - when too many sports/groups implement their own unique streaming services, eventually ones lower on the totem pole start getting cut. $10-15-20 a month for a dozen services racks up fast and people get sick of it.

(Here is where I'd stand on my soapbox preaching about how a bunch of national and/or international motorsports series should establish a joint venture for streaming to increase cross-promotion and lower the overhead if I thought it'd get anyone's attention..)

level 3

"Joint venture" like some sort of channel solely for motorsport? Something where you could view quick moving vehicles? A Speed Vision, if you will?

level 4

Heh heh heh.

Basically, though - but as a streaming service instead. In a hypothetical perfect world, NASCAR + IndyCar + IMSA alone would be substantial, and at that point I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to snap up the other smaller NA/US sanctioning bodies into the partnership. It's just getting everyone to get along and have realistic expectations and take realistic portions.. so it's probably impossible and will never happen.

level 5

With a streaming service it could work, because in theory you could watch each series on multiple devices if there was overlap. Where an actual channel would need something like ESPN1-5, if all 3 series had an event at the same time.

level 6

Yeah. You could have a 'main' channel sort of like the WWE Network that's playing whatever the biggest event of the now is, and the rest of the time playing random recent/historical events just to try and eyecatch people with something they don't normally watch; but as a singular channel with all of them piled on live it would never work for that reason.

level 1

Are you allowed to take your own scanners into the tracks for NASCAR races?

I already have a handheld scanner (Uniden BC125AT) and this is something I've always been curious about. I know my local tracks are okay with it but NASCAR might be different.

level 2
Kyle Busch
2 points · 2 months ago

Yes, you are. However, security at Bathurst (AUS) threatened to call the cops on me when I tried to bring a scanner into Mount Panorama as apparently they think they can interfere with air traffic.

level 1

New to NASCAR so sorry if this is a stupid question but is it legal for teammates to push other teammate cars on the final lap to give them a boost in order for them to win? Is this a common strategy?

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