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Game Day Talk | Canucks v. Oilers | 7 March 2019

馃晼 TIME: 7:00 MT

馃寪 VENUE: Rogers Place, Edmonton AB


This is a thread for general discussion about today's game. Any and all observations, opinions, questions, shitposts, memes, and other random nonsense are welcome.

To encourage ongoing discussion, this thread is organized by new.

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level 1

I don鈥檛 care if it wasn鈥檛 the right play, I like watching the team wanting and trying to get Drai the rocket.

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12 CAVE4 points2 months ago

We lost the ability to score on empty net, it seems. But we won!

level 2
5 points2 months ago

Everyone knows a post on an empty net counts as 2 goals.

level 3
12 CAVE3 points2 months ago

That's the real post-truth!

level 1

Empty net posts have denied more Oilers goals lately than anything else

level 1

Leon the mcdavid

level 1
44 KASSIAN3 points2 months ago

0/2 on an empty net

level 1
94 SMYTH2 points2 months ago

Drai snakebitten tonight.

level 1
97 MCDAVID6 points2 months ago

Drai will score on the empty net, assisted by McDavid. You heard it here first

edit: would of been right if he didn鈥檛 hit the post fml

level 2
29 DRAISAITL2 points2 months ago

What did you do...

level 3
97 MCDAVID3 points2 months ago

Jinxed it, apprently

level 1

My poor heart can鈥檛 handle this pressure

level 2

Im at 220 over 110

level 1
4 points2 months ago

Send Benning on a rocket ship to the sun

level 2

Unfortunately his contract will still be here in Edmonton.

level 1
22 RIEDER5 points2 months ago

We just gonna ignore the fact that I have a big booty Draisaitl hasn't scored a goal yet tonight?

level 1

Stress level hitting maximum

level 2

I'm running out of nails to bite

level 1
97 MCDAVID3 points2 months ago

Pretty much 3 on 1 with McDavid Chaisson and Drai and we don鈥檛 score. Come on

level 2

Chiasson shooting for the nosebleeds

level 1

Wtf is Green crying about they were having team pictures on the ice? 4 on 4 ya bitch

level 1
97 MCDAVID2 points2 months ago

holy fuck what a lucky break for us

level 1

Good refs tonight?

level 2
12 CAVE3 points2 months ago

They've been okay. We've had waaaaaay worse in many games this season.

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