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posted byu/GreasyCelly6 days ago
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I've thought this for a while now, even prior to Chia being let go I felt that Nicholson was never going to be the person to mastermind the culture, vision and direction of the organization(thats what his role is right?). I was optimistic when he first got hired but after his first season I reflected on my misguided optimism. Leading Hockey Canada to success as an entity vs developing an NHL organization that can compete in playoffs are completely different challenges. It's clear Bob doesn't have what it takes and what was revealed was more of the same: Another hockey executive hired on old success without an understanding of how modern hockey is played until it's too late. Still he will be given another chance by Katz.

Here are some quick things i can think of that led us down this road. It's easy to blame the players but the systemic failures of the organization lay solely on BN. No particular order.

1) The complete lack of accountability/professionalism

- Blaming Tobi - In no day and age should the media let up on Oilers Senior Management for this. Absolutely unprofessional. Let's be clear Tobi had a terrible season. This is not the reason we failed to make playoffs as we also have 5 players having career years, what a great thing to do to attract free agents in the future.

- Chia needed to be fired. And this asshole fired Chia in the middle of the second period of a game, despite making the decision "before the game started". What an unprofessional douchebag. This screams lack of direction and crippling indecision.

2) The complete lack of responsibility

- This year when Klefbom went down all the gaps in our organization were made glaringly apparent. What the fuck have we been doing? Our D corp was bad, we had no secondary scoring, Cam wasn't doing well. Trading Jordan for strome should have been the first sign. Trading Strome for Spooner should have been the end, but then manning ,petro, zykov ) However, Trade after bad trade was permitted at a time when we new his job was on the line - he was swinging for the fences, more indecision by BN. Now the org has to mortgage its future years salary cap and keep bad contracts/ have untradeable assets.

- Allowing a big G signing to move forward instead of waiting for offseason for a new GM and a "plan" (mikko?) i love mikko but that contract isn't that great for us and it was worth seeing what was on the market this offseason when we get a new GM and coach as well.

- This motherfucker hired Chiarelli without doing a proper search the first time. And now he gets another go round cause he royally fucked it up the first time and there have been some head-scratcher names thrown out there to.

- "I really believe in (Peter's) plan. There has been anger and disappointment about where they ended up and we certainly understand. We'll have a plan coming up in the near future about how we move forward." -Nicholson april 12, 2018. This guys knows nothing about NHL hockey the plan did not work in 2019.

-"We have to find out answers for how we can make this team better to make the playoffs, - Jan 23, 2019 - LIKE WTF? the fact that we are not any closer to the answer is overwhelmingly depressing and to me it means that after 4 years you either a) didn't proactively do things to make the organization improve through personnel, development, scouting changes or b) don't know what the fuck you're talking about Bob.

Organizational Improvements

- 4 fucking years later they realize we cant rush prospects, clearly not paying attention to what we were doing the 10 years before that. Same story every season.

- Our fucking goalies are having issues, yes our defense could be better but there is a glaring development issue we have here that we haven't addressed. Goalies do not succeed here and its often exceptions to the rules when they do (see talbot 17). Can we fix this shit already.

- Why do players find success when they leave here, what is the culture really like? How has bob improved it?

- We still are not using analytics effectively? what the fuck?

Excuses/ PR Communication

- Read BNs transcripts over the last couple of years. Its all wishy-washy PR talk to appease ticket-holders into making them believe a) we can make playoffs b) playoffs will happen next year c) they are developing some sort of plan so that it wont happen again and the team will be really competitive cause they know what they need to do.

- Never once does he go into detail about what they will actually do to improve. just "evaluate"," discuss with leadership" , "develop a plan" "find answers". BE HONEST god damnit. Tell us next year is going to be a challenge because we cap issues. Tell us what you believe the organizational issues are and what the plan is, not that you have one, but tell us the plan. You think after all these years of sucking were gonna be upset that you tell us we suck for reasons we know, for fucks sake.

- Tell me what he has done to improve the Oilers Culture of losing, after his hiring?

- What is the vision of the team?

IMO he took a job where he thought he coast off the coattails of an older era Stanley Cup winning GM and a once-in-a-lifetime Generational Talent. I think he's really for ownership and seems to be good at getting people together / business side things. But with regards to hockey ops and building an organization worthy of being a Stanley Cup Contender - we can do better.

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posted byu/champion_dave20 days ago

And we are still going to miss the playoffs.

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Because it's the offseason, this is a midweek thread for general Oilers discussion. Any and all observations, opinions, questions, shitposts, memes, and other random nonsense are welcome.

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Who should we go after?


AHL playoffs haven’t started yet, but Bouch, McLeod and Samorukov have put up good numbers so far in the OHL playoffs.

  • Evan Bouchard: 6 goals 14 assists for 20 points in 10 games.

  • Ryan McLeod: 4 goals 6 assists for 10 points in 10 games.

  • Dmitri Samorukov: 3 goals 6 assists for 9 points in 10 games.

Note: Bouchard is leading the entire OHL playoffs in points.

Excited to see him make the jump to the AHL next year.

Edit: formatting

Edit: Guelph Storm defeat London Knights 6-3. Bouchard with one assist. Samorukov with 1 goal 1 assist +4.

Posted by6 LARSSON1 day ago

Who are your ideal candidates for the job?

Mine is Kris Knoblauch

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