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posted byu/theyikester16 days ago

I see a lot of people trashing Aurora and saying that she has no shot of winning. Anyone who thinks this is doing low-tier edgic and I’m about to share with you why I KNOW Aurora has the best edit and is going to win this season.

Let’s talk about the seasons theme. Edge of Extinction. Which castaway is the closest to being extinct? Aurora. She has very little visibility but it’s all a metaphor about how her presence in the show is nearly extinct. Just watch- with Joe gone, she will have a breakout week where she comes back from the Edge of Extinction and shows us her true strategic power.

People are also acting like Aurora doesn’t check off all of the boxes for a winner. Personal content? Check, we know she’s gay. I already explained she matches the theme of the season. She’s shown to be in a pair (with Joe), so we always know where her vote is. That’s why we don’t need her to give any confessionals to explain it. She’s also on the complex tribe, since Vata is the only tribe left. Even premerge, complex and Kama start with the same letter so she was still on the complex tribe then.

Other people have had so much negativity in their edit. Kelley is mean. Lauren is sick and weak. Wardog is also mean. Julie is bad at fishing. Victoria isn’t trustworthy. Eric is bad at catching chickens. Rick got voted out. Aubry wanted a dialogue. But Aurora... she has had zero negativity whatsoever. That’s a winner in my eyes.

In conclusion, if Aurora doesn’t win this season the editors have gone crazy and really threw us in for a loop. The story is clearly about her, and all the other players are merely pawns in Aurora’s game. Stop being blinded to who the true winner is. I hope that April brings some common sense for you edgic folk out there.

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posted byu/Astroman1299 days ago

She played 3 freaking seasons ago, ffs you guys still think she's a contender? She has had barely any personal content in the past 50 episodes. I think Victoria the redhead will beat her tbh. #TimeToSimmerTheRimmer

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posted byu/avomontagano7 days ago

I know my contenders list has changed EVERY EPISODE. Every remaining "contender" has flaws (some more damning than others of course). Whether it be a poor premiere (Chris, Victoria), inconsistency in their narrative (Julie, Gavin, Eric, Lauren, Ron), negativity (Kelley, Rick episode 8, Wardog in episode 6), 0 confessionals at the merge (Lauren, Eric, David) and lack of personal content (Victoria, Kelley) or being on EOE itself (Aubry, Eric) lets just admit there are cases for most players left in the game right now and be open-minded to other people's opinions / ideas.

In my opinion, an argument for winning can be made for (in no particular order) Eric, Julie, Lauren, Victoria, David, Rick and Wardog. Lesser extent (not fully out but damn close) = Kelley, Gavin and Aubry. Only ones TOTALLY 100% for me are Aurora, Chris, Ron, Reem, Julia and Joe.

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posted byu/ProudTex20 days ago

Hey y'all. Anthonyd46 is a pal of mine. Since he is a mod over at the spoiled subreddit, he's not allowed on here, but I wanted to post links to his edgic pre-merge edit video compilations of the 18 castaways. He puts a lot of time and effort into these.

Watching montages of just the scenes with each contender you are considering can be a major help often in really trying to get a sense of what each player's story is and whether you think it can be a winning one.

















WENDY [includes Wendy's EP7 content]


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posted byu/thorfist737310 days ago

Not sure if this is exactly an edgic post, but I really don't think the winner will spend time on the Edge. I feel like there's a lot of work the editors needed to do to make us feel good about someone winning that has been voted out. They would have needed to make the Edge feel like a crucible, so that surviving there felt like it was just as tough as surviving the main game. Instead it has felt like a sideshow (which as an Edge apologist, I enjoy) so I don't expect the winner to spend any time on the Edge.

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Julie. She has constantly been getting strategic confessional with CP tone without questions. Didn't she deserve Kass Cagayan edit considering her crazy game play/meltdown in the last week TC? Or even Down's Caramoan super emotional edit. Or even Monica's post merge edit getting three 0 confessional episodes in a row. Doesn't it make more sense if she got these edits? Doesn't it make the show more entertaining and less boring? Shouldn't Kelley/Rick/Victoria/Lauren/Joe etc.... have got more confessionals instead of Julie if Julie is just the finalist loser or FMC loser? I can never see any reasons why Julie has been getting constant airtime with personal contents and strategic confessionals both with positive light UNLESS SHE WON.



Despite appearing as the strongest candidate for winner throughout the beginning of the game, she's been pretty much purple for the last few episodes.


I noticed in the "previously on" last week and in previous weeks stretching all the way back to Chris' blindside, wardog has been given credit.

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Most people I see aren’t considering anyone on EOE as a winner contender, but I think an EOE returnee could take this season. I feel like this season hasn’t had many good, solid narratives all in all. We got anti-returnee pre-merge and a Kelley-David story arch throughout, but that’s pretty much it. Maybe the story has been on pause while the winner is at the edge? If someone on EOE right now wins, I see it being Aubry most likely and then David.

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