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I'm a nurse and I currently work nights. It's a total drag but I'm hopeful I can go to days soon since some coworkers are planning retirements. Anyway, I was working one night when just after 3am my son's monitor alerted me to sound and movement. No big deal at all, he probably coughed loudly or sneezed or something. He's three now so he generally sleeps all night. I bring it up on my phone and I see him and my wife sitting on the bed. Again, no big deal. He might have cried out or gotten scared or something.

I was about to close the app when I noticed they were acting strange, almost creepy. And when I say "almost" creepy, I mean creepy as balls. They were sitting on the bed together both of them just staring up at the camera with blank, emotionless stares. The night vision is black and white, so they had white, eerie looking eyes. They didn't move at all aside from their visible breathing, they just sat there staring at the camera.

I close the app and give my wife a call to make sure everything is ok. I never get to call home on lunch so in a way this is kind of nice to get to talk to my family while at work.

It rings a couple times before she answers with a very groggy "hello?" It was like she was dead asleep when I called and she looked wide awake when on the camera.

"Hey. You guys ok?"

"Huh? Yeah. Buddy (my son's nickname) came in like 15 minutes ago. Seemed scared so I said he could sleep with mama."

I'm confused here since I saw them in his room a minute ago. Literally 60 seconds had passed since I closed the app and made the call.

"Wait, so you guys are in bed?"

"Yeah, I fell back asleep right away. Everything ok? Everybody keeps waking me up." She's kind of annoyed.

"Hang on a sec." I put her on speaker and bring up the app, hoping I don't see it. When the app loads I get that pang of intense nervousness in my stomach that I haven't had in a long time, since I was a kid in school and realized while I was eating breakfast a paper or something was due that day and I hadn't done it. My heart leaps into my throat. My wife and son are sitting on his bed looking up at the camera, same emotionless stares.

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